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What spare parts does a car have?

December 29, 2023

What spare parts does a car have?

There are many types of automotive parts and accessories that are used to maintain, repair, upgrade and improve the performance, appearance and functionality of your vehicle. Here are some common auto parts:

Engine parts:

oil filter
air filter
Fuel Filter
spark plug
crankshaft bearings
Pistons and piston rings
Engine belts and drive chains
Braking system parts:

Brake discs and pads
Brake lines and brake hoses
brake cylinder
brake fluid
Suspension and handling parts:

Shock absorbers and shock absorbers
suspension arm
Steering linkage and steering rack
Driveline parts:

transmission oil
Clutch plate
Electrical and ignition components:

Ignition coils
spark plug wire
generator belt
Body exterior parts:

Exterior lights (headlights, taillights, turn signals, etc.)
Mirrors (rearview mirrors, side mirrors)
front grille
Wipers and wiper blades
Tires and wheels
Interior and comfort parts:

Seat package and seat heater
steering wheel cover
Seat back adjuster
Sound Systems and Sound Accessories
air freshener
Cooling and air conditioning system parts:

Radiator and cooling fan
Air-conditioning compressor
water pump
Exhaust system parts:

Exhaust pipe and muffler
catalytic converter
Safety performance parts:

Seat belts and airbags
anti-theft device
Anti-collision bars and crash sensors
This is just a portion of the auto parts range, there are actually many other parts and accessories available to suit vehicle maintenance, upgrades and personalization needs. Depending on the vehicle type, make and model, car owners can choose parts and accessories that are right for them to improve the performance, comfort and appearance of their car.

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