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What kind of surface treatment are usually used on car parts?

October 27, 2023

What kind of surface treatment are usually used on car parts?

Automotive parts often undergo various surface treatments designed to improve the performance of the parts, extend their service life, improve their appearance and provide protection against corrosion. Here are some common surface treatments and their applications on automotive parts:


Galvanizing: Dipping parts into molten zinc to provide protection against corrosion. Typically used on chassis and structural components.
Nickel plating: A layer of nickel is electroplated on the surface of a component to provide corrosion resistance and aesthetic properties. Commonly used in vehicle exterior parts.
Electrochrome plating: Plating a layer of chromium on the surface of parts to provide corrosion resistance and aesthetic appearance. Typically used on exterior chrome components.

Painting: Painting auto parts provides aesthetics and protection while protecting the metal from the effects of corrosion and oxidation.
Powder Coating: Provides corrosion protection and decorative properties by spraying powder coating onto the surface of a part and curing it with heat.
Electrophoretic Coating: An electrochemically deposited coating used to provide a uniform coating and improve corrosion protection.
Anodic protection: Applying a corrosion-resistant anodic protection layer to the surface of the component, usually using zinc or aluminum.

Heat treatment: Some parts may require heat treatment, such as quenching, tempering or solution treatment, to increase their hardness and corrosion resistance.

Shot blasting/sand blasting: Cleaning the surface of parts by mechanical means to remove oxides and dirt, and then forming a rough texture on the surface to help the adhesion of coatings or paints.

Nitriding: Increases hardness and wear resistance by introducing nitrogen gas to the surface of parts at high temperatures.

These surface treatment methods can be selected based on the type, use and requirements of the part. They help ensure that automotive parts maintain their performance, appearance and durability over time.

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