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Company news about what is vibration welding?

what is vibration welding?


Latest company news about what is vibration welding?

Vibration welding involves rubbing the plastic part at a certain frequency and amplitude, creating heat and — ultimately — a weld.

This sounds similar to ultrasonic welding, but the two processes are unique. The vibration welding process vibrates one component against the other in a linear side-to-side motion. Conversely, the ultrasonic welding process vibrates one component perpendicularly to another.

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Vibration welding and ultrasonic welding also use different frequencies when joining plastic. The vibration welding process uses 120-240 Hz and will depend on the size of the parts being welded. Ultrasonic welding uses much higher frequencies, typically 20,000-40,000 Hz (20kHz). The amplitude of the two processes is also different. Vibration welding typically uses between 0.4mm and 4.0mm, while ultrasonic welding uses between 0.025 or 0.125mm.


Lastly, the welding time for each of these processes is slightly different. Vibration welding has a typical cycle time within the five to 10-second range, while ultrasonic welding is completed between one and three seconds.

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