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What is ultrasonic welding?

June 16, 2023

One of the most common types of plastic welding, ultrasonic welding uses mechanical vibrations with high frequency and low amplitude to join two plastics. The vibrations cause frictional heat, which melts the material together, creating a molecular bond.

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Ultrasonic welding is fast, cost-effective, easily automated, and well-suited for mass production, making it one of the most popular plastic welding choices. With production rates of up to 60 parts per minute, this is likely the best choice for your operation.


However, you should consider a few limitations of ultrasonic welding before choosing this process. It’s not suitable for thermoplastics with high moisture content and hard/strong thermoplastics like polypropylene. It’s also only best to create joints that overlap each other with this process. Corner, butt, tee, and edge joints likely won’t work well.