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What is turning?

October 30, 2023

What is turning?

Turning is a common machining process used to process cylindrical workpieces, usually metal materials. The basic principle of turning is to remove material and form the desired shape by rotating the workpiece and moving the cutting tool along the axis of the workpiece. This process is usually done on a lathe, a type of machine tool designed specifically to perform turning operations.

Here are the basic working principles of turning:

Workpiece Setup: First, the workpiece (usually cylindrical) is mounted on the workpiece fixture on the lathe. The workpiece is usually clamped to ensure that it does not rotate or move so that the cutting process can proceed accurately.

Select the cutting tool: Select the appropriate cutting tool based on the desired shape and cutting requirements. The shape, edge angle and edge geometry of the tool can be adapted to the specific task.

Set cutting parameters: The operator needs to set the cutting parameters of the lathe, including cutting speed, feed rate, cutting depth and cutting path. These parameters affect the quality and efficiency of cutting.

Begin turning: Once the positions and parameters of the tool and workpiece are set, the lathe begins to rotate the workpiece and the cutting tool gradually moves along the workpiece axis. The cutting tool gradually removes material from the surface of the workpiece to create the desired shape.

Monitoring and measuring: Operators typically monitor the turning process on a regular basis and use measuring tools, such as micrometers or outside micrometers, to ensure that the size and shape of the workpiece meet specifications.

Completing Turning: Once the workpiece reaches the desired size and shape, the turning operation stops and the workpiece can be removed from the work holding fixture and prepared for further processing or use.

Turning is a common metalworking method used to make a variety of machine parts, bearings, threads, pins, pins, and other cylindrical parts. It has the advantages of high precision and high surface quality and is suitable for mass production and precision machining. Turning can also be used to machine different types of materials, including metals, plastics and composites.

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