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What is the process of part machining?

November 28, 2022

(1) CNC machining of parts requires the content of the processing technology to be detailed and specific. CNC machining of parts will be developed in advance CNC machining plan, and then the operation on CNC machine tools, including processing procedures, selected tools, processing methods and the corresponding processing parameters. Parts. There must be a specific and detailed plan, the analysis of the plan, and finally the formation of the machining program of the part.

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(2) The CNC machining process of the part requires more rigorous and precise. Parts processing process using CNC machining mode, so that the parts of higher precision, better quality, processing does not require too many people, saving manpower, but on the other hand, human intervention reduced, so that if the parts of the processing problems, can not be adjusted artificially, so the mechanical CNC machining process of the parts set to be more strict and accurate, can not appear small errors, because the existence of errors is likely to cause Machining process is not up to standard, parts scrap, or even cause mechanical accidents.

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(3) When machining a part by mechanical CNC, mathematical calculations should be made for the set values of the graphics and programmed dimensions of the part. Since the machining of the part is carried out by CNC, the programming design, the geometric model of the part dimensions, and the mathematical calculation of the dimensions of the part to be machined must be carried out before machining, so all aspects need to be considered when programming. to optimize the design of the part.