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What is the customized processing of non-standard parts?

November 18, 2022

Non standard parts do not meet the multi-level requirements and special development of product production in accordance with the unified standards and specifications of the industry. Its appearance or performance does not belong to the national equipment product catalog, and its development cost and cycle time will be correspondingly higher than those of standard parts. What is the customized processing of non-standard parts? Non standard part processing is a manufacturing process, including a group of non-standard part forming operations by removing materials (by removing chips or by wearing) through machining mechanical equipment such as CNC lathes.
Processing of non-standard auto parts

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1、 What is customized processing of non-standard parts:
The processing of non-standard parts requires the use of special industrial machinery dedicated to the processing of non-standard parts to process and transform the shape and size of non-standard parts. The processing method of non-standard parts will adopt two different processing methods according to the type and nature of objects.
All metal non-standard parts (except castings) have experienced at least one metal forming operation at a certain stage in their manufacturing process, and often require multiple different operations. Metal forming theory can help determine how to use machine tools and equipment in a more effective way and improve productivity. What are the customized processing equipment for non-standard parts?
Processing of non-standard auto parts

2、 Five categories of customized processing equipment for non-standard parts:
1. Welding equipment: mainly butt welding machine and argon arc welding machine.
2. Cutting equipment: including grinding wheel cutting machine, air plasma cutting machine, and angle grinder.
3. Processing machinery and equipment: bending machine, cutting machine, bending machine and punch.
4. Other equipment: air compressor, grinder, and some painting equipment.

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Non standard parts can be processed by manual, semi-automatic or automatic machine tools, but the processing work is carried out by mechanical equipment, with necessary motors and mechanisms. The classic non-standard parts processing machine tools are CNC drilling machines: the workpiece is fixed on the drill floor of the CNC drilling machine, and the CNC drilling machine performs rotary cutting movement and linear feed, and processes holes or drill depth with the same diameter as the drill in theory and the required size. There is also a file machine tool. The file machine tool is used to process with the blade installed on the punch tool holder. The blade conducts linear cutting movement on the workpiece fixed on the workbench. The workpiece has a forward movement perpendicular to the cutting movement.
The whole process of non-standard parts processing requires very strict professionalism. Because only with such precise and strict requirements can non-standard parts be processed into non-standard parts, making the products processed with non-standard parts more accurate.

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Automobile parts processing
Another type of machine tool for machining non-standard parts is the CNC machining center, which is different from the CNC milling machine in that the machining center has the ability to automatically exchange processing tools. By installing tools for different purposes on the tool magazine, you can change the processing tools on the spindle through the automatic tool change device in one clamping process to achieve multiple processing functions.