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What Is Precision Machining?

June 5, 2023

Precision machining is an important part of creating durable and precise tools and products. It allows for repeatability and accuracy in producing parts. This process starts with a large blank form and chisels away the material to reveal the final product. Precision machining also makes use of digital tools to automate the process. Today, CNC precision machining is common. It is a type of CNC manufacturing that uses computer-controlled machines to perform a series of complex operations. CNC machines are used to create precise parts by following instructions from computer-aided design (CAD) software. These programs help designers produce precise parts while improving the accuracy of the end product.

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Precision machining is an advanced process that creates highly repeatable parts at high speeds. It is used in many industries, including aerospace, medical, automotive, and electronics. Precision steel machining requires skilled engineers with specialized knowledge of CAD and CAM programs. CNC milling and turning technicians have experience in each step of the process.