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What is polishing?

October 30, 2023

What is polishing?

Polishing is a surface treatment process used to improve the smoothness, brightness and appearance of the workpiece surface. This process works by removing minor irregularities and imperfections from the surface of the workpiece, resulting in a smoother, reflective appearance with good surface quality. Polishing is commonly used on a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, glass, stone and wood.

Here’s how polishing basically works:

1. Preparing the workpiece: First, the workpiece needs to be properly pre-treated, including the removal of any large particle impurities, blemishes or rough surfaces.

2. Select polishing tools: Select the appropriate type of polishing tool based on the workpiece material and required surface smoothness. Polishing tools usually include polishing cloth, polishing pad, grinding stone and polishing paste.

3. Apply polishing material: Apply the appropriate type of polishing paste or polishing fluid on the polishing tool or on the surface of the workpiece. These materials include abrasive particles that help remove surface irregularities during the polishing process.

4. Start polishing: Use the polishing tool to start the polishing operation. The surface of the workpiece needs to be in contact with the polishing tool, and then small imperfections on the surface of the material are removed through rotation, vibration or manual operation.

5. Constantly change directions: Usually, polishing operations need to be carried out in different directions to ensure uniform surface smoothness. This prevents scuff marks or marks from being left on the surface.

6. Monitoring and measurement: Operators typically inspect the workpiece surface regularly to ensure that the polishing process meets the required quality standards. Measuring tools, such as surface roughness meters, can be used to verify surface quality.

7. Complete polishing: Once the workpiece surface reaches the desired smoothness and appearance, the polishing operation stops and the workpiece is ready for further processing or use.

Polishing is commonly used to create high-gloss surfaces such as automotive exteriors, jewelry, furniture, kitchenware, utensils, parts, decorative items, and many other products. It helps improve appearance, enhances reflective properties, and can add value and beauty to the piece.

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