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What is planing?

October 30, 2023

What is planing?

Planing is a machining process used to process large workpieces with flat and straight surfaces. This process is typically performed on a planer, a machine tool that removes material to create a smooth surface by moving a cutting tool, called a plane, back and forth across the surface of the workpiece. Planing operations are suitable for large workpieces such as metal, wood and plastic to obtain high-precision flat surfaces.

Here’s how planning basically works:

Workpiece installation: First, the workpiece is installed on the workbench of the planer, and the workbench can move horizontally and vertically to control the position of the cutting tool.

Choose a planer: Depending on the required cutting task, choose the appropriate planer. Planer blades typically have multiple cutting edges that provide efficient cutting.

Set cutting parameters: The operator needs to set the cutting parameters of the planer, including cutting speed, feed rate, cutting depth and cutting path. These parameters influence the quality and efficiency of the cutting process.

Start planning: Once the positions and parameters of the tool and workpiece are set, the planer starts and the planer moves back and forth and gradually removes material from the surface of the workpiece to form the desired flat surface.

Monitoring and measuring: Operators typically monitor the planning process regularly and use measuring tools, such as rulers or micrometers, to ensure the size and flatness of the workpiece meet specifications.

Completing Planing: Once the workpiece surface reaches the desired flatness and surface quality, the planing operation stops and the workpiece can be removed from the workbench, ready for further processing or use.

Planing is a machining method used to process large workpieces. It is commonly used to manufacture bases, flat surfaces, rails, rails, flat surfaces, and other applications that require high-precision flat surfaces for metal workpieces. Although the planning speed is slow, it provides high-precision surface quality and is suitable for workpieces that require very high flatness and verticality.

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