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What is machining?

December 12, 2022

What is machining?

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Machined parts refer to mechanical parts and components processed and formed by various machining equipment,
It mainly refers to the processing method without chemical reaction (or very small reaction), namely
Physical processing. According to the processing mode, mechanical processing mainly includes manual processing and numerical control processing.

There are two major categories of engineering.
What are machined parts? What is machining? Shanghai Yiyi Machinery Technology Co., Ltd
Let's learn some knowledge together! Machined parts refer to all kinds of machines
Mechanical parts and components processed by processing equipment mainly refer to no chemical reaction
(or the reaction is very small), namely physical processing. According to the manufacturer
Mechanical processing mainly includes manual processing and numerical control processing.
Manual processing refers to the manual operation of milling machines, lathes, drilling machines and sawing machines by mechanical workers
And other mechanical equipment to realize the processing of various materials, and manual processing is suitable for

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Carry out small batch and simple parts production.
Numerical control processing (CNC) refers to the use of numerical control equipment by mechanical workers for processing
Some CNC equipment include machining center, turning and milling center, wire EDM equipment, screw
Texture cutting machine, etc., NC machining processes workpieces in a continuous way, suitable for a large number of
Parts with complex quantity and shape.

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Technical requirements for machining
1. Tolerance requirements
(1) Undeclared shape tolerance shall meet the requirements of GB1184-80;
(2) The allowable deviation of unspecified length is ± 0.5mm;
(3) The casting tolerance zone is symmetrical to the basic dimension configuration of the blank casting.

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2. Requirements for machined parts
(1) The parts shall be inspected and accepted according to the process, and only after the previous process is qualified
Transfer to the next process;
(2) The machined parts are not allowed to have burrs;
(3) The finished parts shall not be placed directly on the ground
The machining surface shall be free from rust and corrosion, which may affect the performance, service life or
Defects such as bumps and scratches on the appearance;
(4) The surface to be finished by rolling shall be free of peeling after rolling;
(5) The surface of the parts after heat treatment in the final procedure shall be free of oxide scale and shall be subject to fine processing
The mating surface and tooth surface of the tool shall not be annealed;
(6) The machined thread surface shall be free of defects such as black skin, bump, random thread and burr