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What is injection molding?

October 30, 2023

What is injection molding?

Injection Molding is a plastic processing process that manufactures various plastic products by injecting molten plastic into a mold, then cooling and solidifying. This process is widely used to manufacture a variety of plastic products, from small parts to large components, including plastic containers, automotive parts, electronic casings, household products, medical device parts, and more.

The basic steps of injection molding are as follows:

1. Melting plastic: First, solid plastic pellets or pellets are heated and melted, usually through a screw injection molding machine. The screw heats the plastic to a molten state.

2. Injection: Once the plastic reaches a sufficiently molten state, it is injected into the mold through a screw. Injection molding machines use high pressure to inject molten plastic into the cavity portion of the mold, filling it to the desired shape and size.

3. Cooling and solidification: Once the plastic enters the mold, it cools and solidifies in the mold. This step usually involves removing heat from the plastic through a cooling system, such as water channels, allowing it to solidify into the desired shape.

4. Mold opening: Once the plastic has completely cooled and solidified, the mold will separate, allowing the finished part to be removed. This usually requires the mold to have removable parts to allow easy removal of the part.

5. Part removal: The finished part is removed from the mold and can be further processed, assembled or packaged.

Key advantages of injection molding include high production efficiency, high-volume production capabilities, precise dimensional control, the ability to manufacture complex geometries, and applicability to many different types of plastic materials. In addition, injection molding is a highly automated process and is therefore suitable for large-scale production, but can also be adapted for small batch production.

This process is widely used in many industrial fields, and plastic products are an integral part of modern society. From everyday items to highly complex engineering parts, injection molding provides cost-effective, high-quality production solutions for a variety of applications.

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