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What is Industrial Plating?

July 17, 2023

What is Industrial Plating?
Industrial electroplating is the process of depositing thin coatings on the surface of a substrate. The most common form of industrial electroplating is electroplating, which is mainly used to increase the thickness of the surface. Electroplating, also known as electrodeposition, is done by sending an electric current through an electrolyte solution. This is called a bath and contains the metal substrate as well as dissolved ions of the metal used as a coating.

The electroplating process is regulated by strictly controlling various parameters throughout the process. These parameters typically include:

Composition and purity of bath liquid
bath temperature
process duration
Applied voltage and current intensity
The process may involve rack plating, where large, fragile or complex parts are hung on a rack and immersed in a plating bath. Another option is barrel plating, which involves placing smaller parts inside a barrel that is rotated through an electroplating solution.

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