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What is extrusion molding?

October 30, 2023

What is extrusion molding?

Extrusion Molding is a plastic processing technology used to manufacture continuous plastic profiles, such as pipes, plates, rods, films, ropes, profiles, etc. The process involves heating, compressing and extruding plastic pellets or pellets through an extruder to form the desired cross-sectional shape, which is then cooled and solidified. Extrusion is a process that is efficient and suitable for mass production and is therefore widely used in construction, packaging, automotive, electronics, food processing and other fields.

The following is the basic working principle of extrusion molding:

1. Melting plastic: First, solid plastic pellets or pellets are heated and melted, usually through a screw extruder. The screw heats the plastic to a molten state.

2. Extrusion: Once the plastic reaches a sufficiently molten state, it is pushed through a screw into a mold or extrusion head. The extrusion head usually has a specific cross-sectional shape through which the molten plastic passes to obtain the desired cross-sectional shape.

3. Cooling and solidification: Once the plastic is extruded, it is cooled through a cooling system (such as a water channel) to allow it to solidify and solidify into the desired shape.

4. Cutting and coiling: The extruded plastic profiles are cut to the required length by cutting equipment and can then be coiled, packaged or further processed into final products.

Key features of extrusion include high production efficiency, the ability to create continuous profiles, lower labor costs and less material waste. Additionally, it is suitable for many different types of plastic materials, making it a primary process for manufacturing plastic profiles.

Extrusion molding is used not only to make profiles but also to produce plastic films, pipes, cables, ropes, plastic packaging films, window and door frames, parts, decorative strips and various other plastic products. Extrusion molding has a wide range of applications as it caters to the needs of various industrial and consumer goods sectors.

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