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what is Computer Numerical Control Turning?

August 11, 2023

CNC turning (Computer Numerical Control Turning) is an automated machining process controlled by a computer for the manufacture of parts and workpieces. On the CNC lathe, the tool is controlled to cut and process the workpiece through pre-programmed instructions.

The main steps of CNC turning include:

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Design and programming: First, according to the design requirements of the part, use CAD (computer-aided design) software to draw the three-dimensional model of the part. Then, use CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software to convert the designed model into tool paths and machining instructions that the CNC machine can understand.

Set up the machine and tools: Fix the workpiece on the CNC lathe and install and adjust the cutting tools. Adjust the position of the tool, the feed rate of the tool and the depth of cut and other parameters to meet the processing requirements.
Machining process: According to pre-programmed instructions, the CNC system controls the tool to cut the workpiece. The movement of the tool is controlled by the CNC system, including the spindle speed, feed rate and cutting path, etc.
Inspection and adjustment: During processing, measuring tools and instruments can be used to check the processing results to ensure that the size and quality meet the requirements. If adjustment is required, the machining program can be modified or the tool parameters can be adjusted.
Finished Part: After CNC turning, the part can be removed for further processing, assembly or inspection.

CNC turning offers greater precision, efficiency and consistency than traditional manual turning. It automates complex cutting paths and machining operations, increasing productivity and reducing the possibility of human error. CNC turning is widely used in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing and other fields.