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What is CNC Turning?

July 15, 2023

What is CNC Turning?
CNC turning is a high-precision, high-efficiency subtractive machining process that works on the same principle as a lathe. It involves holding a cutting tool against a turned workpiece to remove material and achieve the desired shape.
While the raw material is spinning at high speeds, the turning center or lathe remains stationary. Single-point cutting tools help shape the material as the workpiece rotates in motion along the twin CNC lathe axes. Computer programs help control a turning center or lathe, ensuring extremely precise parts are produced.

People confuse CNC turning and milling, but they are different processes. CNC milling and most other subtractive CNC processes typically hold the workpiece on a bed while rotating tools cut the material. In contrast, CNC turning uses the opposite process, where the workpiece is rotated while the cutting head remains stationary.

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