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Company news about What is CNC Drilling Equipment

What is CNC Drilling Equipment


Latest company news about What is CNC Drilling Equipment

Drilling uses a rotary drill to produce a cylindrical hole in a workpiece. The drill bit is designed to allow scrap metal (i.e. chips) to break away from the workpiece. There are many types of drill bits, each with a specific application. Types of drills are available include pilot drills (for shallow or pilot holes), deep hole drills (for reducing the number of chips on the workpiece), screwdriver bits (for holes without pilot holes), and snap reamers knife (for enlarging the hole previously created).

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Typically, the CNC drilling process also utilizes CNC drilling machines, which are specially designed to perform drilling operations. However, it is also possible to perform the operation with a lathe, tapping machine or milling machine.

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