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What is bent sheet metal?

November 23, 2023

What is bent sheet metal?

Bending sheet metal parts are parts formed by bending thin sheet metal. This process is usually done on a press brake, which holds the metal sheet in position and then bends the sheet into the desired shape using an under or over punch.

Such parts are commonly used in building machinery, electronic equipment, vehicles, buildings, and various other applications. The shape and size of bent sheet metal parts can be customized to specific design requirements, so they have a wide range of applications in the manufacturing industry.

The production process of bending sheet metal parts involves the following steps:

Design: Develop detailed drawings and specifications of sheet metal parts according to the design requirements of the product.

Material selection: Select appropriate sheet metal materials, usually steel, aluminum, stainless steel and other materials. The specific selection depends on the use and performance requirements of the part.

Cutting: Use cutting tools (such as shears, laser cutters, etc.) to cut metal sheets into desired shapes and sizes.

Bending: Use a bending machine to bend the cut metal plate to form the geometric shape required for the design.

Welding (if required): Some sheet metal parts may require welding to join components or add structural strength.

Surface treatment: Surface treatment can be performed on bent sheet metal parts, such as spraying, plating, etc., to improve appearance, corrosion resistance and other properties.

Bending sheet metal parts are widely used in various industrial fields due to their flexible manufacturing process, high production efficiency and relatively low cost.

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