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What is an aluminum profile?

November 24, 2023

What is an aluminum profile?

Aluminum profiles refer to materials of various cross-sectional shapes made from aluminum alloys and are commonly used to construct and manufacture lightweight structures, frames, supports and other applications. Aluminum profiles have the characteristics of lightweight, high strength, and corrosion resistance, so they are widely used in construction, industry, transportation manufacturing and other fields.

The cross-sectional shapes of aluminum profiles can be various, including angle aluminum, profiles, pipes, channel aluminum, etc. The specific shape can be selected according to specific uses and engineering needs. These profiles are usually manufactured through an extrusion process. Extrusion is a method of heating aluminum alloy to a certain temperature and extruding a specific cross-sectional shape through a die.

Here are some common aluminum profiles:

Angle Aluminum: Has an L-shaped cross-section and is often used to build frames, brackets and corner connections.

Profiles (I-beam, H-beam, etc.): With I-shaped, H-shaped and other cross-sectional shapes, they are suitable for building load-bearing structures such as beams and columns.

Aluminum Tube: Aluminum tubes with circular or other cross-sectional shapes, which can be used to make frames, guardrails, devices, etc.

T-slot Aluminum: Aluminum profiles with T-shaped slots are often used to manufacture racks and brackets, and are suitable for applications that require the installation of various accessories and connecting components.

Aluminum Window Profile: Aluminum profile specially used for manufacturing door and window frames, with good corrosion resistance.

Extruded Aluminum Profile: Aluminum profiles of various shapes manufactured by the extrusion process, are suitable for a wide range of construction and manufacturing fields.

The lightweight and ease of processing of aluminum profiles make it a popular building material, especially in areas where lightweight construction and design flexibility are required.

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