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What is Aluminum 6063?

July 20, 2023

What is Aluminum 6063?
Aluminum 6063 is a common aluminum alloy with good machinability and decoration. It is a member of the aluminum-silicon alloy family and contains about 0.7% silicon. Aluminum 6063 alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and weldability, and is suitable for various processing and application fields.

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Aluminum 6063 alloy is often used in construction and decoration fields. It is widely used in the manufacture of door and window frames, curtain walls, aluminum alloy profiles, exhibition display systems, etc. The advantages of aluminum 6063 alloys include lightweight, corrosion resistance, easy processing and strong plasticity, making it an ideal choice for the construction and decoration industries.


In addition, aluminum 6063 alloy is also commonly used in electronics, transportation, furniture and industrial equipment and other fields. In electronics, it is used in the manufacture of heat sinks, housings and electronic devices. In the field of transportation, aluminum 6063 alloys is used to manufacture bicycle frames, auto parts and so on. In the field of furniture and industrial equipment, it is used in the manufacture of various structures and supports.


In short, aluminum 6063 alloy is a common aluminum alloy, which plays an important role in construction, decoration and other fields due to its good machinability and decorative properties.