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What is Aluminum 2017?

December 29, 2023

What is Aluminum 2017?

Aluminum 2017 is a high-strength aluminum alloy with excellent mechanical properties, especially suitable for high-performance machine parts and aerospace applications. Here are some key features of Aluminum 2017:

1. High strength: Aluminum 2017 alloy has very high tensile strength and excellent mechanical properties, usually in T4 or T451 temper. This makes it an ideal material for manufacturing parts requiring high strength.

2. Wear resistance: Aluminum 2017 alloy has good wear resistance under high pressure, so it is often used to manufacture mechanical parts that require wear resistance.

3. Fatigue resistance: Aluminum 2017 alloy has good fatigue resistance, which makes it suitable for applications subject to repeated loads, such as aircraft parts.

4. Processability: Aluminum 2017 alloy has excellent processing properties, including cutting, milling and drilling, which makes it suitable for precision machining.

5. Heat treatability: Aluminum 2017 alloy can improve its strength and hardness through heat treatment. Typically, it is heat treated to T4 or T451 conditions for optimal performance.

6. Aerospace applications: Aluminum 2017 alloy is widely used in aerospace applications, including aircraft structures, engine parts, flight control components and other key parts.

7. Corrosion resistance: Although stainless steel is better in corrosion resistance, aluminum 2017 alloy still has a certain corrosion resistance, especially in dry environments.

Aluminum 2017 alloy is a high-performance material suitable for applications requiring high strength and anti-wear properties. It is widely used in the aerospace, automotive, marine and mechanical engineering sectors, especially in projects requiring lightweight design.

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