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What is a lathe?

January 24, 2024

What is a lathe?
As the name implies, a lathe "turns" the part on the lathe relative to the cutting tool, forming a cylindrical shape. Turning can be used to make a variety of different components; it is an especially popular choice for creating components with grooves, holes, tapers, steps, and similar features. Turning is used in a variety of different materials and used to make parts in a variety of industries. Common part types manufactured by turning include shafts, rollers, flanges, hubs, bearing housings, and more. Lathes can be operated manually or, more commonly, programmed with a CNC. CNC turning is a fast, accurate and cost-effective method of producing any number of parts. We offer CNC turning services in the Green Bay and Forks Cities areas, offering flexible, high-end options for a wide variety of components.

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