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Company news about What is a desktop CNC machine tool?

What is a desktop CNC machine tool?


Latest company news about What is a desktop CNC machine tool?

Companies that specialize in the manufacture of CNC machines usually offer a range of small, lightweight machines. Benchtop CNC machines, although slower and less precise, can handle soft materials like plastic and foam well. They are also better suited for smaller parts and light to medium production. The machines in the tabletop series are similar to larger industry standards, but their size and weight make them better suited for smaller applications. For example, a desktop CNC lathe has two axes and can handle parts up to six inches in diameter, which is great for jewelry and mold making. Other common desktop CNC machines include plotter-sized laser cutters and milling machines.

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For smaller lathes, it is important to distinguish between benchtop CNC lathes and benchtop lathes. Desktop CNC lathes are usually less expensive, but they are also smaller, and they are somewhat limited in the applications they can handle. A standard CNC table lathe typically includes a motion controller, cables and basic software. Standard CNC table lathes have a similar basic package but cost a little more.

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