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What are the ways of precision parts processing?

January 6, 2023

Precision parts in the practical application is necessarily the higher the accuracy, the more exquisite will be able to reflect the level of processing and quality, while the more these products are also loved by consumers, generally speaking in the processing of CNC machining has incomparable advantages and characteristics, our precision parts machining center Shenzhen Noble Smart staff, according to customer requirements, to choose the processing method, or according to the product, to decide, precision parts processing is also the same, then the precision parts processing several ways into which kinds?

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Precision parts processing processes include turning, milling, planing, grinding, clamping, stamping, casting and other methods


Stamping: stamping using pre-made molds with punching machines for cold punching processing, mainly for sheet metal processing, that is, most of the processed materials are plates, the efficiency of processing is relatively high for mass production


And precision hardware processing process is divided into engineering die and continuous die, engineering die is also called single punching die, some more complex parts have to use several sets of molds, while continuous die in the mold cavity will split the shape of the product several parts in a mold, so that the punching machine processing a stroke is a finished product. High-speed continuous punching machine can process three to four hundred products per minute.


Lathe: lathe for precision parts processing belongs to precision processing machinery, which is divided into ordinary lathe, automatic lathe, instrument lathe and computer lathe, and it carries out rotary movement by clamping the material, and the radial or axial processing is carried out by turning tool.

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Nowadays, automatic lathes and computer lathes are more and more widely used because both of them are fully automatic processing, which reduces the accuracy error generated by human operation to the lowest point, and the processing speed is fast, which is used for mass production, and most of the computer lathes nowadays are equipped with side rotary tools and back rotary tools. That is to say, the lathe can also perform milling processing