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What are the types of polishing?

October 30, 2023

What are the types of polishing?

Polishing can use different methods and materials depending on the material of the workpiece and the desired surface quality. Here are some common types of polish:

1. Mechanical polishing: Mechanical polishing is a polishing method achieved through mechanical equipment. This includes the use of a rotary polisher, vibratory polisher, or grinder, where abrasive tools (such as buffing wheels or sandpaper) are used to remove surface irregularities. Mechanical polishing is typically used on hard materials such as metal, stone, and wood.

2. Hand Polishing: Hand polishing involves the operator using hand tools such as polishing cloths, polishing pads, polishing pastes and grinding stones to manually remove surface irregularities. This method is typically used for small workpieces, or when finer control is required, such as jewelry polishing.

3. Chemical polishing: Chemical polishing removes surface material by using chemicals without requiring mechanical grinding. This method is often used on certain metal alloys, such as stainless steel, aluminum and copper, to improve their appearance. Chemical polishing typically uses caustic or acidic solutions with appropriate treatment times and temperatures.

4. Electrolytic polishing: Electrolytic polishing is a special polishing method that removes surface material through an electrochemical reaction in electrolytes. This method is often used for fine polishing of metal surfaces to obtain a highly smooth and uniform surface.

5. Magnetic polishing: Magnetic polishing is polishing by placing the workpiece in a magnetic fluid and applying a magnetic field to produce microscopic wear on the surface of the workpiece. This method is commonly used for surface smoothness and polishing of metal parts.

6. Sandblasting polishing: Sandblasting polishing removes material and improves surface quality by spraying high-speed particles (such as sand) onto the surface of the workpiece. This method is commonly used for cleaning and removing surface dirt, as well as for surface treatment in some metal manufacturing processes.

Each polishing type has its applicability and limitations, and the appropriate polishing method can be selected based on the characteristics and requirements of the workpiece. Different polishing methods and tools can achieve different surface smoothness, precision and gloss.

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