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What are the technical requirements to be followed for machining mechanical parts?

September 25, 2022

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Technical requirements in machining.

1, first of all, in machining, parts processing surface, there should be no scratches, scrapes and other defects that damage the surface of the parts. Parts to remove the oxide skin; uninjected shape tolerance should comply with the requirements of GB1184-80, uninjected length size allowable deviation ± 0.5mm; casting tolerance zone symmetry in the basic size configuration of the blank casting.


2. Processing of rolling bearing components are allowed to use oil heating for hot installation. Oil temperature should not exceed 100 ° C. Assembly of the hydraulic system allows the use of seal packing or sealant, but should be prevented from entering the system. Parts entering the assembly are assembly must have a certificate issued by the inspection department.


3, the parts must be cleaned before assembly, there should be no burrs, flying edges, oxide, rust, debris, oil, colorant and dust; before assembly should be the main fit size of the parts, especially the interference fit size and the related accuracy of the audit; parts in the assembly process does not allow knocking, touching, scratching and rusting.


4, mechanical processing in tightening screws, bolts, nuts, knocking or use of inappropriate screwdriver, wrench is strictly prohibited. Screw slot, nut, screw, bolt head shall not be damaged after tightening; fasteners with the specified tightening torque must be tightened with a torque wrench and tightened according to the specified tightening torque, and the excess adhesive flowing out shall be removed after bonding.

latest company news about What are the technical requirements to be followed for machining mechanical parts?  1

5, bearing outer ring and open bearing housing, bearing cover semi-circular hole should not be stuck; bearing outer ring should be in good contact with the open bearing housing semi-circular hole and bearing cover. It should be in contact with the bearing cover in the center line symmetry 120 ° and center line symmetry 90 ° range of uniform contact. In the above range with the plug ruler check, outer ring width of 1/3 shall not insert 0.03mm plug ruler.


6, bearing outer ring after assembly, should be positioned with the end of the bearing cover end contact evenly. After the rolling bearing is installed, it should be rotated flexibly and smoothly by hand. When fixing the shaft tile with a pin, the hole should be drilled in the hinge and the pin should be arranged when the mouth and end face of the shaft tile are flush with the opening and closing face and end face of the bearing concerned. Hole. The pin shall not be loosened after punched in.


7, alloy bearing lining surface yellowing, is not allowed to use, in the specified contact angle does not allow the phenomenon of denuclearization. The denuclearized area outside the contact angle shall not be greater than 10% of the total area of the non-contact area. Gear (worm wheel) reference end face and shaft shoulder (or locating sleeve end face) should be matched and checked with 0.05mm plug gauge. And should ensure that the gear benchmark end face and axis perpendicularity requirements.


8、Castings on the sand, core sand and core bone should be clean, castings have inclined parts, its size tolerance zone should be along the inclined side of the proportional configuration, castings do not allow the existence of detrimental to the use of cold partition, cracks, holes and other casting defects. Before painting, rust, oxide, grease, dust, mud, salt and dirt must be removed from the surface of all steel parts that need to be painted.