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What are the requirements in the machining of precision parts?

February 27, 2024

The standards of the precision parts machining industry are very strict and there are different processes such as cut-in and cut-out. Dimensions can also vary depending on the product, and machining accuracy requirements can also vary. In general, precision machining is required to a high degree of accuracy, sometimes down to micron differences of less than 1mm.

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If there is a large dimensional variation, the product becomes scrap and needs to be reworked to meet the requirements, a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. Sometimes it will make all the raw materials scrap, resulting in increased costs, and at the same time the parts are bound to be unusable, so there are many requirements for precision parts machining.


(1) Usually, because the cutting volume, heat generation and cutting force of the part are different for the part roughness and precision, in order to ensure the machining accuracy of the part, so the rough parts and precision machined parts must be processed separately. If rough machining and precision machining are carried out continuously, the precision of the precision machined parts will be lost because of the difference in stress.


(2) The reasonableness of equipment selection. The processing of rough parts does not require high machining accuracy, but mainly reduces the machining allowance, so precision machining requires very high precision machine tools. In the processing route of precision parts, heat treatment process is often arranged. The location of the heat treatment process is arranged as follows: In order to improve the cutting performance of the metal, such as annealing, normalizing, tempering, etc., it is generally arranged to be carried out before the machining of mechanical parts.


(3) In general, almost all precision parts processing has a heat treatment process, which can improve the cutting performance of the metal. Precision parts processing and manufacturing requires not only the accuracy and stability of the machine tool and the accuracy of the tool and fixture to ensure, but also requires precision measuring instruments for calibration and measurement. Some are in the process of processing, and some are after the inspection.

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A fire two forging parts of a large number of hot forging forming and warm forging finishing process is the appearance of raw materials directly changed to semi-specific products or different products, the process is called process, but also the parts of the processing process benchmark, processing precision parts of the process is more complex, precision parts of the processing process standards can be divided into different categories according to the process of casting, forging, stamping, welding, heat treatment, machining, assembly, etc. .


Precision parts machining process often refers to the whole parts CNC machining and machine assembly process in general, while other processes such as cleaning, inspection, equipment maintenance, oil seals, etc., turning methods change the surface properties of raw materials or semi-products, this one process is called CNC machining, corresponding to the middle of the tool trajectory with differences in the form of switching, precision parts system are equipped with linear and circular interpolation function.