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What are the ones for CNC machining?

December 29, 2022

CNC lathe machining is widely used, including manufacturing, aviation, medical industry and so on. Because compared to ordinary lathes, CNC

lathes have incomparable advantages.

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1、Compared with ordinary lathe, the rigidity of CNC lathe is high. In order to match the high precision of CNC lathe with CNC system, the rigidity requirement of CNC lathe must be very high in order to achieve the high precision processing requirements.


2、The spindle of ordinary lathe is variable speed through motor, belt and gear vice mechanism, while the CNC machine tool is completed by two servo motors driving movement in horizontal and vertical directions respectively, so relatively speaking, it does not use traditional parts such as hanging wheel and clutch, which greatly shortens the transmission chain.


3. Compared with ordinary lathe, it is easier to drag because its table movement adopts ball screw vice, which has little friction, so it moves lightly. The supporting special bearings at both ends of the screw are with larger pressure angle than ordinary bearings. The lubrication part of


CNC lathe machining adopts oil mist automatic lubrication, and all these measures make CNC lathe machining move lightly.

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CNC machining has many advantages.


1、It can ensure the high precision of processing and guarantee the high quality of processing.


2、Automated operation reduces manual labor intensity and improves work efficiency.


3、Automated operation, as long as the operation requirements, do not need skilled machine operators.