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What are the machining methods of mechanical parts

October 20, 2022

Machining of mechanical parts is the process of changing the external dimensions or performance of a part by a mechanical device. So do you know what are the specific processing methods of mechanical parts? Let me share with you today!


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The main mechanical processing methods are: turning, clamping, milling, planing, inserting, grinding, drilling, boring, punching, sawing and other methods. Can also include wire cutting, casting, forging, electro-etching, powder processing, electroplating, various heat treatment, etc.


Turning: there are vertical and horizontal turning; new equipment has CNC turning, mainly processing rotary body;


Milling: vertical milling, horizontal milling; new equipment has CNC milling, also called machining center; mainly processing groove and profile straight surface, of course, can also be two-axis or three-axis linkage processing arc surface;


Planing: mainly processing profile straight surface, under normal circumstances, the surface roughness is not as high as the milling machine;

Insert: can be interpreted as a stand-up planer, ideal for non-complete arc processing;

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Grinding: surface grinding, external grinding, internal hole grinding, tool grinding, etc.; processing of high precision surface, the surface roughness of the processed workpiece is particularly high;


Drilling: the processing of holes;


Boring: the processing of larger diameter, higher precision holes, the processing of larger workpiece shape. There are also many processing methods for holes, such as CNC machining, wire cutting, etc.


Punching: mainly by punching machine punching, can punch round or shaped holes;


Sawing: mainly through the sawing machine cutting processing, commonly used in the undercutting process.