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What are the categories of machining?

October 21, 2022

Now the mechanical parts processing industry is developing very rapidly, the general mechanical parts processing methods are more than one, so we know what types of mechanical processing is divided into? Today let me share with you!


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1. There are many forms of mechanical parts forming.

(1) hot processing: casting, forging, welding, etc.

(2) cold processing: turning, planing, milling, punching, pressing, riveting, etc.


2. There are also many forms of cold working.

(1) Sheet metal parts: punching, pressing, riveting, etc.

(2) Comprehensive parts: turning, planing, milling, etc.

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3. General machining mostly refers to the processing of integrated parts. The forms are as follows

(1) workpiece rotary processing: turning

(2)Tool rotary processing: drilling, milling, boring, surface grinding

(3) Workpiece and tool rotary machining: internal grinding, external grinding, rolling cutting

(4) Workpiece and tool are not rotary type processing: planing, inserting, pulling

(5) Other: electric machining, laser, waterjet, etc.


4. By processing content to distinguish the form of processing.

(1) rotary body parts processing: turning, internal and external grinding, etc.

(2) surface processing: milling, pulling, plane grinding, etc.

(3) the processing of holes: drilling, boring, expansion, reaming, pulling, grinding, etc.

(4) slot processing: turning, milling, inserting, pulling, etc.