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What are the advantages of copper for machining?

July 18, 2022

1. High compressive strength
Copper is the profile of copper raw material, which is characterized by copper. This type of copper has high strength, can maintain a stable structure when applied, and is not easy to suffer external influence in terms of structure.
2. Good patience
Due to the characteristics of copper, copper profiles have good resistance, and it is not easy to deform and destroy under the influence of external forces when applied. With this advantage, this type of copper can have a very good performance in long-term application.
3. Good ductility
With good ductility, copper profiles can resist the negative effects of external forces and avoid the effects of external forces when applied. This type of copper can show a stable and firm application effect.
4. Firm structure
With the characteristics of high compressive strength and good resistance, the overall structure of copper profile must be very appropriate. Such a structure can be used stably and reliably, and always play its role normally.
5. Long service life
Because of its excellent characteristics and many advantages and functions, copper profiles can effectively avoid the negative effects of various external factors when applied, so copper profiles will have a long service life.

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