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Tips for Purchasing Machined Parts

October 21, 2022

In the field of mechanical parts processing industry, the purchase of suitable raw materials is the basis of processing, or buy poor quality parts to process, how can not process good mechanical parts. Do you know how to purchase mechanical processing parts? Today I will share with you the mechanical parts processing parts procurement skills!

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The procurement of parts for enterprises is also a science, the procurement of goods directly affects the quality and efficiency of enterprise products.


1. The unit supplying the parts must have ISO9000 certification to provide the required items

2. The supplied items must have the quality assurance sheet provided by the fingertip department of the unit.

3. The original material quality assurance sheet of the supplied items

4. The demander must examine and certify the management system of the supplier and include it in the list of qualified supplier units of the enterprise before using the items provided by the supplier.


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