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The role of mechanical polishing

October 30, 2023

The role of mechanical polishing
Mechanical polishing plays an important role in the fields of machining and surface treatment and has the following main functions and advantages:

1. Improve surface quality: Mechanical polishing can effectively remove defects, unevenness, wear marks and roughness on the surface of the workpiece, thereby greatly improving the surface quality. This gives the workpiece a smoother, smoother, more uniform look and feel.

2. Improve gloss: Through mechanical polishing, the appearance of the workpiece can obtain a higher gloss. This is very important for the aesthetic and decorative appearance of products, such as car casings, jewelry, furniture, kitchen appliances, etc.

3. Precision processing: Mechanical polishing can be used to process the surface of high-precision parts to ensure that their size and shape meet specification requirements. This is critical for applications that require a high degree of accuracy, such as bearing housings, connecting holes and gas-tight components.

4. Remove rust and corrosion: For metal workpieces, mechanical polishing can effectively remove rust, oxides and corrosion on the surface and restore its metallic luster. This is useful for maintaining and repairing old artifacts or components.

5. Improve lubrication: Mechanical polishing can reduce the friction coefficient of the workpiece surface, making it smoother and improving lubrication performance. This is important for applications that require low friction, such as mechanical components, bearings and sealing rings.

6. Improve material wear resistance: By removing surface roughness, mechanical polishing can improve the material's wear resistance, making it more durable and reducing wear and damage.

7. Improve hygiene: In the medical, food and pharmaceutical fields, mechanical polishing can be used to improve the hygiene of the workpiece surface and reduce the chance of bacterial growth.

8. Improve coating adhesion: The polished surface usually has better adhesion, which can enhance the adhesion of the coating, spraying or bonding materials.

Overall, mechanical polishing plays an important role in improving the surface quality, aesthetics, performance, and functionality of workpieces and is therefore widely used in various industrial and manufacturing applications.

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