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The role of automobile stamping parts processing

November 17, 2022


The car body, chassis, fuel tank, radiator sheet, boiler drum, container shell, motor, electrical appliance iron core silicon steel sheet are all processed by stamping. Instruments, household appliances, bicycles, office machinery, household appliances and other products also have a large number of stamping parts. Mechanical steering system consists of steering control mechanism, steering device and steering transmission mechanism. The invention relates to a forming method for improving the dimensional accuracy of formed parts or obtaining small fillet radii. Automobile stamping parts processing is a process of stamping stainless steel, iron, aluminum, copper and other plates and anisotropic materials with stamping dies to make them deformed or broken, so that they have a certain shape and size. Generally, the stamping process of automobile parts uses sheet metal, thin-walled tubes and thin profiles as raw materials, which has the advantages of mechanization and automation.
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Automobile stamping parts processing
Stamping materials are mainly hot rolled or cold rolled (mainly cold rolled) metal sheet and strip materials, such as carbon steel plate, alloy steel plate, spring steel plate, galvanized plate, tin plate, stainless steel plate, copper and copper alloy plate, aluminum and aluminum alloy plate, etc. Most of the covering parts, such as the body outer panel, some bearings and supporting parts, such as the frame, carriage and other auto parts, are auto stamping parts. The steel used for cold stamping is mainly steel plate and strip, accounting for 72.6% of the steel consumption of the vehicle. The quality of materials not only determines the performance of products, but also directly affects the process design of automobile stamping process, product quality, cost, service life and production organization. Therefore, the reasonable selection of materials is an important and complex work.

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