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The process of machining precision mechanical parts

November 5, 2022

Machinery manufacturing technology has made rapid progress in improving accuracy and production efficiency, in this regard, to improve production efficiency, to enhance the level of machinery automation is the direction of progress of all countries. cnc precision parts machining is a kind of machining, this is a kind of machined parts to achieve the design drawings required for the production process of line dimensional tolerances, the product workpiece to carry out this process, will be on the The use of its own performance characteristics and appearance structure of the corresponding changes. Usually basic for precision machinery and equipment parts to produce processing production, which needs to do the precision is very high, so not only to know the detailed needs of precision mechanical parts processing of raw materials and precision mechanical parts processing often use the way, should also know the production of precision mechanical parts processing process are what method steps, next we will come together to understand it!


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1. Rough machining; the key consideration is to improve productivity. Most of the cutting amount of each surface is cut, and the finishing standard is produced.

2. Semi-finish machining; the main purpose is to cut out the possible shortcomings caused by rough machining, and at the same time to carry out the production of secondary surface machining. It is necessary to achieve the corresponding machining accuracy in order to prepare for the finishing process and ensure a moderate amount of fine cutting.

3. Finishing processing; in the finishing process is mainly the use of large feed rate, small feed rate and depth of cut to remove the machining allowance left by the semi-finishing process, so that the surface layer of precision mechanical parts to meet the technical requirements of the design drawings.

4. finishing production processing; mainly used to reduce the appearance of roughness or strengthen the production and processing of the surface layer, mainly used in the appearance of roughness needs to be very high surface production and processing.


5. Ultra-precision processing; is the use of precision cutting, precision mirror grinding, precision grinding and polishing and other production and processing methods to make the product workpiece processing accuracy in 0.1-0.01μm, the appearance of roughness value ra ≤ 0.001μm.

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The above will be cnc precision parts processing from coarse to fine, gradually refining the whole process, the precision of mechanical parts can do the requirements needed by customers.