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The need for precision metal processing

May 11, 2023

The detailed explanation of the equipment, the environmental conditions of the scanning system used and the test tasks constitute the basis of the inspection work. The determination of the measurement error in metal machining also needs to consider the safety factors of the machine tool equipment, components and calibration methods, as well as the evaluation method in a systematic process, etc. Through the electrical acceleration of machine tool equipment and innovative calibration methods, the development and technical methods of traditional coordinate testing. Improvement should be done in order to obtain a good effect of morphological transformation and a technical solution for the application. Therefore, in the related work of the working group, the specifications on the large machine tool equipment were further developed, so that a kind of practical technical system could be provided to the users.

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The standard is first to meet the challenges faced by manufacturers of large-scale parts with high requirements. Large-scale parts with high requirements for metal machining refer to those who require the size of the shaft length of the equipment. Relatively speaking, the tolerance range is relatively narrow. Component specifications for small or small batches or only one-piece additions. It should be helpful for enterprises to make good use of machine tool design and thermal properties of components, quick tests to determine the accuracy of machine tool design, square knowledge, to realize the use of machine tool equipment as punctuation points for coordinate measuring devices, and to find a way to Standardize and normalize!