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The importance and application of cnc machining for medical precision parts

December 2, 2022

Medical components are essential for countries with an ageing population. In addition, the growth of the industry is affected by rising health costs and technological progress.

Importance of medical parts
Medical components are mainly helpful to improve surgical results. These have had a real impact on people's lives. The market for the medical sector has been rising. More and more customers seek our help in medical parts processing, and we will not let them down. As the market grows, we strive to improve product features, our business model and customer service. However, there are some problems when keeping up with the latest technology while reducing costs.

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Understand cnc processing medical precision parts
Medical machining is both a definition and a work. It needs to process medical parts with ultra-high precision. We use numerical control machine tools to achieve this goal. They enable us to process highly complex medical parts. These are essential for the production of medical devices. The first can easily handle conventional processes such as turning, boring, drilling, boring, milling and knurling. Then, we can carry out deep hole drilling, broaching, threading and other special processes. They don't need to set it up many times to achieve this goal.
Using cnc machine tools, we can cnc machining micro screws and precision surgical parts. Medical parts often require strict tolerances and are often complex. We sometimes face the pressure of machining smaller parts. Therefore, this means that we must keep up with the latest developments in micro machining. Multi tool and multi axis machine tools enable us to improve cnc machining of medical parts. They shorten cycle time because we can process all features on one machine.

Medical parts
Medical units have highly complex machined parts. Its complex components are essential for the safe implementation of the device. Designing and processing them requires first-class creativity. Fortunately, we are good at processing high-quality medical precision parts. Examples of medical components are clamps, screws, locking plates, and surgical needles. Before each project, we first consult our component suppliers. This allows us to determine tolerances that are more stringent than normal. Then, we continue to work on the design process to save time and effort.

Tolerance requirements for medical parts
We have multi spindle and CNC lathes for our use. This allows us to machine medical parts with a tolerance of more or less 0.01 mm. In addition, our customers can choose a range of surface treatments. The surface treatment thickness of the machine can reach 8 microns. In addition, we can use our professional programming and Y-axis machining to produce complex geometric shapes. These functions are very suitable for customers with strict size and finishing requirements. Regardless of the complexity, our professional level is competent for this task.

latest company news about The importance and application of cnc machining for medical precision parts  1What makes us a capable cnc workshop for medical parts?
Cnc machining of medical parts needs high precision and reliability. Therefore, it needs to be processed by a professional medical cnc workshop. Our experts can easily undertake the task. They first try to provide the highest possible consistency and accuracy. This is to work in a strictly controlled and safe environment.
Whether large or small batches, we intend to maintain appropriate repeatability. Fortunately, we easily achieved this goal with an optimized short cycle process. In addition, they enable us to reduce the waste of cnc processing medical parts. In addition, we have preventive maintenance and strict tool planning to avoid any delay.

We further use online production to reduce costs and maintain quality. This enables us to produce any number of medical components quickly and cheaply. We also provide high-quality CNC cutting tools. They can handle a range of special materials that occur when handling medical parts. Examples of these materials are nickel, titanium, cobalt chromium alloys and stainless steel.
Use Swiss turning milling compound CNC to process and produce medical parts

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The complexity and delicacy of medical parts determine professional CNC coding and engineering. This ensures the highest accuracy to meet the standards set by the customer. A Swiss CNC machine tool processes the bushing. This ensures that the cutting tool is never too far from the workpiece. You may wonder why this is important. It reduces any errors caused by distance deflection. This is critical when handling slender medical components. In addition, it can help us deal with small, fine parts.
Its speed and efficiency allow for fast and flexible responses. This ensures repeatability regardless of volume. As a prototyping method, CNC machining can speed up the whole process. We further combine it with precision grinding to enable us to respond to customer needs.