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The function of magnetic polishing is:

October 30, 2023

The function of magnetic polishing is:
Magnetic polishing is a surface treatment method commonly used for metal parts and workpieces. Its functions and advantages include:

1. Remove surface irregularities: Magnetic polishing can effectively remove minor irregularities, wear marks and flaws on the surface of metal workpieces. This helps improve the surface quality of the workpiece, making it smoother and more uniform.

2. Improve gloss: Magnetic polishing can improve the gloss of metal workpieces by removing tiny layers of surface material. This is great for improving appearance and decoration.

3. Adjust size and shape: Magnetic polishing can also be used for minor size and shape adjustments to make the workpiece meet specification requirements.

4. Lower friction coefficient: The polished metal surface usually has a lower friction coefficient, which helps to reduce friction loss and improve the wear resistance of the workpiece.

5. Improve coating adhesion: Polished metal surfaces usually have better adhesion, making it easier for coating, spraying or bonding materials to adhere and remain on the workpiece surface.

6. Automation: Magnetic polishing can be performed automatically, thus saving labor and time costs. This is very beneficial for mass production and batch processing of large quantities of workpieces.

Magnetic polishing is a relatively fast and economical surface treatment method, especially suitable for metal parts and workpieces such as bearings, gears, bolts and other small metal components. By using magnetic fluids and applying magnetic fields, microscopic wear can be produced on the surface of the workpiece, thereby improving surface quality. This method is commonly used in engineering and manufacturing to ensure parts meet quality and performance requirements.

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