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Take you into, the process analysis of precision parts machining

December 17, 2022

Latest company news about Take you into, the process analysis of precision parts machining

In the manufacturing process of mechanical parts, because the production requirements and conditions of various parts are different, the manufacturing process program is also different. The same parts using different process solutions for production, its production efficiency, economic efficiency is not the same. Under the premise of ensuring the quality of the parts, the process of drawing up a good comprehensive technical and economic benefits, reasonable and feasible process plan is called the process design of the parts. So what is the specific process production process?

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1. Production process from the design drawings into products, through a series of manufacturing processes. Usually the raw materials or semi-finished products into products through the entire process is called the production process. Production process usually includes:


(1) technical preparation process including market research, forecasting, new product identification, process design, standardization review, etc. before the product is put into production.


(2) or process refers to the process of directly changing the size, shape, mutual position of the surface, surface roughness or performance of the raw material semi-finished products, so that they become finished products. For example, liquid forming, plastic into shape, welding, powder forming, cutting and machining, heat treatment, surface treatment, assembly, etc., all belong to the process. The reasonable process is written into the technical documents used to guide the production, this technical document is called process procedures.


(3) Auxiliary production process refers to the auxiliary production activities necessary to ensure the normal conduct of the basic production process.


(4) Production service process refers to the organization of raw materials, transportation, storage, storage, supply and product packaging, sales and other processes.

latest company news about Take you into, the process analysis of precision parts machining  1

2. The composition of the process parts of the cutting process is a combination of many processes, each process is composed of stations, work steps, tool walking and installation.


(1) process refers to a machine tool or in the same workplace on a workpiece or a group of continuous completion of that part of the process.


The basis for dividing the process is whether the workplace changes and whether the work is continuous.


(2) step refers to a process, when the workpiece surface, cutting tool and cutting amount of speed and feed are kept constant in the completion of that part of the process. A process with a large number of machined surfaces can be divided into several work steps. The work step is the basic unit that constitutes the process.


(3) tool walking tool from the surface to be machined every layer of the margin, called a tool walking. To be removed from the balance is too large and not possible or suitable for a cut, can be divided into several cutting to complete.


(4) installation of the workpiece by a clamping (positioning and clamping) after the completion of that part of the process is called installation.


(5) Station relative to the fixed part of the tool or equipment, each processing position occupied by the workpiece is called a station. In most cases, the workpiece is mounted only once in a process, and sometimes it may be mounted several times. As shown in Figure 2-1 for a stepped axis, it is usually mounted twice in process 0. Clamp one end to turn the other end, then turn around. After the turnaround, a new workstation is formed.

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