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System requirements for aluminum alloy machining process

August 23, 2022

Machining process design of aluminum alloy is a means to improve product quality. The heat generated during high-speed cutting of metal will change the physical properties of metal, thus affecting the properties of materials. The normal solution is to reduce the cutting speed to reduce the heat intensity. But better engineers do the opposite. The machining of aluminum alloy increases the cutting speed. As the speed continues to increase, the cutting metal chips are thrown away by centrifugal movement, which takes away most of the heat, and the heat of the processing body itself decreases. This machining design concept fully reflects the role of reverse thinking.

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Aluminum alloy machining for machine tool processing enterprises, there is a large amount of cutting fluid. Through the use of an effective filtration system, the liquid is monitored and preventive maintenance is carried out. The actual use is a centralized liquid supply system. The aluminum alloy machining mixing dispenser solution is used to ensure the emulsifying effect of the mixture. The experience of adding essence is required for the processing of machined parts every day, so as to maintain the normal concentration effect, concentrate sedimentation, centrifuge and skimming. The filtration is added to the lotion for a certain time and added to other liquid systems as a daily addition solution. There is a system of daily degreasing and conventional slag removal. The waste liquid after machining contains a large number of harmful components and cannot be directly discharged. The rich experience and scientific and reasonable knowledge of machining essence can be summarized through the machining process technology of aluminum alloy in practical engineering. In general, if the machining process is good enough, it requires more advanced equipment and superb machining technology.