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Surface processing of hardware parts

November 30, 2022

The hardware processing process is to open materials according to production needs. After opening, for example, small parts can be produced by punching machine and then gongs can be cut
Or CNC processing, which is a lot in the production of eyewear accessories and auto accessories. For container, it is to burn after the blanking and punching machine
Welding, sanding, oil spraying, and then assembling the parts can be shipped. And there are many polished hardware accessories
Surface treatment, electroplating or oil spraying. Then welding or screwing, assembling, packaging and shipping.

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1. Spray painting processing: the hardware factory adopts spray painting processing when producing large hardware finished products, so as to prevent the hardware from producing
Rust, such as daily necessities, electrical enclosures, handicrafts, etc

2. Electroplating: electroplating is also the most common processing technology for hardware processing. The surface of hardware is electroplated through modern technology to ensure production
The products will not mildew or embroider after long time use. The common electroplating processes are: screws, stampings, battery chips, car parts, small accessories, etc,

3. Surface polishing: surface polishing is generally used in daily necessities for a long time, and the surface burrs of hardware products are treated, such as:
We produce a comb. The comb is a metal part made by pressing. The corners of the punched comb are very sharp
After polishing, the sharp edges and corners will be polished into a smooth face, so that no harm will be caused to the human body during use.

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Turning cylindrical surface is the basic method for metal processing, and the equipment used is a lathe. In general machinery plants, lathes account for the total number of machine tools
About 40% of the number of units. Turning is the main method for roughing and semi finishing the cylindrical surface of various materials, and it is also the most important method for various materials that are not suitable for grinding

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Final finishing method.
In case of small batch production of single piece, the turning of cylindrical surface is generally carried out on an ordinary lathe. Multi tool semi-automatic lathes or automatic lathes are widely used in mass production
Lathe. Large disc parts shall be processed on vertical lathe. Large long shaft parts need to be processed on heavy horizontal lathe.
The characteristics of turning the cylindrical surface are: 1. The tool is simple, easy to manufacture, sharpen and install; 2. The cutting process is stable, and the cutting force fluctuation is small

It is beneficial to adopt high cutting speed and improve productivity; 3. The machine tool has good versatility, and can process the excircle, end face, inner hole
Threads and chamfers, etc. The mutual position accuracy between surfaces can be easily guaranteed; 4. It is suitable for finishing of nonferrous metal parts.