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Steps that cannot be missed in mold forming

August 6, 2022

In machining, metal mold is one of the most common machining equipment, which is mainly used for metal processing tools. We need to understand the steps in the process of metal molding using metal molds. The steps of mold forming will be described in detail below.
Steps of metal mold forming
1. When using metal molds for molding, the CNC punch press strictly punches without plates, and can not empty punch the mold. At the same time, the daily inspection of the mold should also be done well to check the tightness of the locking screw, otherwise the CNC punch and the forming mold will be damaged.
2. The forming direction of the forming die should be upward to avoid the product deformation caused by the collision between the formed shape and the workbench.

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3. The closing height and stamping formation of each CNC punch are different. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the upper part of each set of forming die to the shortest when it is used for the first time. And avoid using it on another punch. In order to avoid damage to the machine tool and the mold, it is necessary to carry out height adjustment before continuing to use.
4. The lower mold of the upward forming mold is usually larger than the standard lower mold ointment. Therefore, in order to avoid indentation of the plate, do not use the punching mold next to it. When the formed mold is not applicable, please remove the oil from the machine tool and store it in the mold cabinet to avoid corrosion and dust.

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5. When the mold is fully formed, it needs to adjust the micro distance. During this fine-tuning process, the operator needs to be patient. The common fine-tuning methods mainly include:
(1) The stroke of the punch of the numerical control punch cannot be adjusted, only the component height of the die striking head can be adjusted.
(2) The stroke of the punch of the CNC punch can be adjusted, and the machine tool can meet the requirements by modifying the parameters during programming.
(3) Adjust the height of the die striking head assembly during long-distance adjustment.
6. If it is a high forming or unconventional forming mold, the plate should be well lubricated and double-sided lubricated, so as to strengthen the fluidity of the plate during forming and reduce the chance of plate fracture.

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7. The molding die processing program shall be used for programming during molding processing, and sufficient unloading time shall be reserved during programming. The required purpose can be achieved by reducing the punch speed. The punching machine impacts at a low speed, so that the formed material and the mold can be separated for enough time to prevent the deformation of the plate and the deviation of the forming position.
8. The position of plate forming shall be selected reasonably. The clamp and punching parts shall be kept as far away as possible. The plate forming shall be completed at the end of the stamping process as far as possible.
9. Other forming molds can be used around the high forming molds, otherwise the continuous processing of the standard punching die will cause the deformation of the plate.
10. The high forming die has the phenomenon of scratching and collision to the plate, which leads to deformation. Placing balls on both sides of the lower die of the high forming die to assist the transition can avoid this problem.