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Some tips for precision machining

January 4, 2023

In the process of precision machining, companies not only need to ensure its quality, but also need to carefully maintain for the external aesthetic aspects. In order to protect the precision parts from the erosion of sweat, air and other components, so that they are always in factory condition and improve the service life. The parts need to be packaged after they come out of the oven in individually sealed packages, and they also need to be wiped down with gasoline or alcohol, a task that requires gloves to work and blow dry, and then isolated with cotton.

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In the various forms of precision machining, balance screws are difficult to process due to their deep opening slots, small width, small tolerance range of dimensions and other requirements, resulting in a difficult machining process, easy to scratch and difficult to ensure the shape size. From the traditional processing process, combined with the existing measuring tools, the polishing of the mold and the lubrication of the opening slot can be carried out before processing, and a clamping tire tool can also be designed to allow the balance screw and the tire tool to be processed at the same time during the precision machining, with a small gap between the tire tool and the workpiece, which not only improves the rigidity of the opening slot and reduces the chance of deformation, but also enables the balance screw to achieve The requirement of accuracy.

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The introduction of sine gauge measurement, sine gauge is a lever table with the calibration of the working taper or angle, the measurement block and the sine relationship in the trigonometric function A precision gauge, consisting of two precision cylinders and a precision work plane body, in the machine tool processing can be in the processing of the angle of the workpiece with precision positioning, in the processing of precision mechanical parts, will be placed on the work plate of the sine gauge, the opposite flat against the sine gauge The workpiece on the stop plate is positioned, and its final required size is the sum of the height of the sine gauge and the size of the measured workpiece. After such measurement, the tolerance of the shape and size of the precision parts can be strictly controlled, and the position of the error can be precisely positioned, while the precise data of the workpiece can be easily derived.