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Some Processes of Precision Hardware Stamping

November 15, 2022
When precision metal stamping parts are processed, the dimension accuracy grade and surface roughness grade shall be reduced as much as possible under the condition of ensuring normal use, which is conducive to product exchange, reducing waste products and ensuring the stability of product quality. The designed stampings shall be conducive to the processing of existing equipment, process equipment and process flow as far as possible, and to the extension of the service life of the die. The shape and size of metal stamping expansion sheet is the premise of analyzing the deformation degree of stamping parts, designing process and formulating process procedures. If the shape of the sheet is suitable, it can not only significantly improve the uneven distribution of sheet deformation along the sheet, but also increase the forming limit, reduce the height of the lug and reduce the cutting allowance.
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Processing of precision metal stamping parts
Stamping parts manufacturers can select raw materials for re inspection as required. Chemical analysis and metallographic examination: analyze the content of chemical elements in materials; Determine the particle size level and uniformity of materials; Evaluate the grade of free cementite, banded structure and non-metallic inclusion in materials; Check shrinkage cavity, loose material and other defects. In order to improve the stability of stamping process and ensure the quality of stamping parts, it is sometimes necessary to increase the number of processes; For metal stamping parts with simple shape, single process die is adopted. Due to the limitation of die structure or strength, the upper and lower contours of workpieces with complex blanking shapes should be divided into several parts, and multiple stamping processes should be adopted. If necessary, continuous die can be selected. For metal stampings with high flatness requirements, leveling process can be added after blanking process.
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