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Shenzhen CNC lathe processing in programming need to consider which points?

February 10, 2023

Shenzhen CNC lathe processing is a high-precision, high-efficiency automated machine tools with digital information to control the parts and tool displacement of mechanical processing methods. It is an effective way to solve the problems of variable varieties, small batches, complex shapes and high precision of aerospace product parts, etc. and to achieve efficient and automated processing. Programming skills Because of the high precision requirements of CNC lathe manufacturers for processed products, the following matters need to be considered when programming.

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1. Parts processing order.


Drilling first, then flush (this is to prevent shrinkage when drilling).


Rough turning first, followed by fine turning (this is to ensure the accuracy of the part).


Machining tolerance is large, while the primary machining tolerance is small (this is to ensure that the surface of the small tolerance size will not be scratched and to prevent the deformation of the part).


2. According to the hardness of the material to choose a reasonable speed, feed and depth of cut.


(1) carbon steel materials to choose high-speed, high feed, deep cutting. For example: 1Gr11, choose S1600, F0.2, depth of cut 2mm;

(2) choose low speed, low feed and small depth of cut. For example: GH4033, select S800, F0.08, depth of cut 0.5mm.


3) Select low speed, high feed and small depth of cut for titanium alloy. For example: Ti6, select S400, F0.2, depth of cut 0.3mm. take the part machining as an example: the material is K414, which is a special hard material. After several tests, the final choice is S360, F0.1 and depth of cut 0.2, and then the qualified parts can be machined.


Second, the knife art


The tool is divided into tool gauge and direct tool. Most of the lathes in our factory without tools, for, the following technology.


First, select the center of the right end face of the part as the tool point and set it as the zero point. After the machine returns to the home position, each tool that needs to be used has the center of the right end face of the part as the zero point. By entering Z0 and clicking on the right end of the measuring tool, the tool automatically records the tool's repair value, which means that the tool's Z axis is good, the X tool is trying to cut the tool, and the tool is turning fewer cylindrical parts.


The value x20 (for example, X 20 mm) of the car cylinder as input for measurement, click on the measurement, the tool repair value will automatically record the measured value, and then the X axis is good; this method, even if the machine is powered on, call restart still does not change the value of the knife, can be applied to a large number of long production of the same part, during the lathe shutdown does not need to re-knife.

latest company news about Shenzhen CNC lathe processing in programming need to consider which points?  1

Three, debugging skills


Various parts of the program, want to learn to program and did not find a way to add qq group can provide you with help, please try to debug well before debugging to prevent errors and mistakes on the knife, resulting in a crash, should be in the march simulation processing, advanced and unconstrained style in the machine tool coordinate system in the face of the cutting tool to the right part of the overall translation of the total length of the piece 2-3 times.


Then start simulation processing, after simulation processing to confirm that the program and knife is correct, and then start processing parts, part processing is completed, the first self-test, to confirm qualified, and then look for full-time inspection, to confirm the full-time inspection after passing, it means the end of debugging.


Fourth, the completion of parts processing


Parts of the sub-trial cutting is completed, the upcoming mass production, but not equal to the whole batch of qualified parts of the parts will be qualified, because in the processing process, due to the different processing materials can make the cutting tool wear, processing of soft materials, tool wear is small, processing materials hard, tool wear fast, so in the processing process, regular periodic inspection, timely increase and reduce the value of knife repair, to ensure that parts qualified.


Take the part as an example, the machining material is K414, the total length of machining is 180mm, because the material is particularly hard, the tool wear in machining is very fast, from beginning to end, because the tool wear will produce 10 -20mm, therefore, we must artificially increase 10-20mm in the program to ensure the quality of the part.


In conclusion, the basic principles of machining are: rough machining to remove excess material from the workpiece, then finishing; vibration should be avoided during machining. Avoid thermal degeneration during the machining of the workpiece. Vibration can be reduced due to a variety of causes, which may be excessive load; it may be resonance between the machine tool and the workpiece, or it may be caused by the lack of rigidity of the machine tool, or by dulling of the tool by Reducing lateral feeds and machining depths and checking.