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Selection Of CNC Machine Tools

July 25, 2022

Numerical control system and drive unit are analyzed:
1. CNC system is the "brain" of CNC machine tools, which calculates and processes the control information of machine tools. According to the principle of CNC system, it can be divided into economic CNC system and standard CNC system.
2. Economical numerical control system, from the perspective of control method, economical numerical control system generally refers to open-loop numerical control system, which has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, convenient maintenance and debugging, low operation and maintenance costs, but the improvement of performance is limited by the torque frequency characteristics of stepping motor and the mutual restriction between accuracy, feed speed and torque.
3. Therefore, economical CNC system is often used in CNC wire cutting and some economical CNC lathes and milling machines with low speed and accuracy requirements. It is also widely used in the CNC transformation of ordinary machine tools.
4. Open loop CNC system means that the CNC system itself does not have a position detection device. The CNC system sends a certain number and frequency of command pulses, and the driving unit locates the machine tool. In the open-loop system, under the influence of external factors, the machine tool does not act or the action is not in place, but when the system has reached the specified position, the machining accuracy of the machine tool will be greatly reduced.
5. However, due to its simple structure, rapid response, stable and reliable work, convenient debugging and maintenance, and very low price, it still has the largest market in China.

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