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Requirements of precision sheet metal processing companies

November 17, 2022

When machining sheet metal, it is impossible to have no error at all. But what we need to do is to control this error within the allowable range. Therefore, when cutting materials, it is necessary to ensure that the error of scissors can be controlled. In addition, shear plate and NC machining also play an important role in sheet metal processing. Although the sheet metal processing parts are not large, the processing technology is still quite complex, so more careful operation is required. Therefore, in sheet metal processing, some performance requirements such as fatigue resistance are very high. Before the sheet metal processing company, the staff need to understand that the processing range is in the general operation, they can choose copper, stainless steel, galvanized sheet and other materials to complete the processing process. This processing method has a wide range, and can also meet the production needs of different industries. During the processing process, they can choose materials flexibly, without worrying about the impact of the progress of production tasks due to the materials not meeting the processing

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Sheet metal processing company
During sheet metal processing, the welding seams of the cabinet body shall be neat and uniform, without cracks, edges, gaps, burns, slag inclusions, pores, welding nodules, pits and other defects. These shortcomings should not be shown on the external surface of the cabinet, and the internal cabinet should not be too obvious. Sheet metal processing enterprises usually need various mechanical equipment to meet different process requirements. The stamping accuracy of sheet metal is generally about 0.1mm, and the bending accuracy can generally reach 0.5mm. Therefore, compared with metal processing, the precision is much lower, but the profit is relatively high. For example, stamping can generally reach about 30%, and laser cutting can reach more than 50%. At present, sheet metal is very profitable.

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