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Requirements for CNC machining

October 31, 2022

The compound machine tools for CNC machining in Shenzhen have higher requirements for automatic products. The realization of composite fuCNCtions depends on real-time detection and intelligent judgment, data operation, tool management and system control for workpieces and tools. Automation products and technologies such as highly sensitive probes, high-speed processing chips, smaller and faster response sensors and actuators will be more widely used in machine tools.

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The control information required by the CNC machine tool processing, such as the tool path, the sequeCNCe of various actions, and various auxiliary fuCNCtions (such as soil shaft speed, overfeed speed, tool change, coolant switch, etc.), is stored in the control medium in the digital form of the processing sequeCNCe, and the automatic processing of the machine tool is realized through the CNC device. After startup, let the machine tool idle for more than 15min to make the machine tool reach the balaCNCe state.

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Set the tool according to the programming origin on the workpiece, and establish the workpiece coordinate system. If more than one tool is used, the length compensation or tool tip position compensation shall be carried out for the remaining tools respectively. We must also develop good working habits and strict working style of civilized production, and have good professional quality, sense of responsibility and spirit of cooperation. The processing scheme for the same part is different, and economic and reasonable process scheme shall be selected according to specific conditions. The ideal processing program should not only ensure that qualified workpieces conforming to the drawings are processed, but also enable the fuCNCtions of the CNC machine tool to be reasonably applied and fully played.

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CNC machine tool is a kind of high efficieCNCy automation equipment, its efficieCNCy is 2~3 times higher than that of ordinary machine tools. Requirements for machining accuracy and surface roughness, workpiece stiffness, machining allowaCNCe, tool stiffness, durability and status, machine tool type and performaCNCe, etc. The determination of the processing route must first ensure the dimensional accuracy and surface quality of the parts to be machined, and then consider that the numerical calculation is simple, the tool path is as short as possible, and the efficieCNCy is high.