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Prospects of the precision mechanical parts processing industry

October 18, 2022

Precision parts processing and manufacturing is the processing of high precision mechanical parts as the object. Using systematic and integrated theory and technology, the organic combination and optimization of material supply, processing, testing and handling are realized according to the structure and requirements of the processed workpiece, and the production of parts is completed under precise processing conditions. So do you know the prospects of precision mechanical parts processing industry? Here let me share it with you!

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The purpose is to realize the concept of "small machine tool processing small parts", which is different from the manufacturing method and technology of ordinary mechanical parts. It will become the most effective processing method for processing non-silicon materials (such as metals, ceramics, etc.) high precision parts. It can fundamentally solve the problems existing in the processing method of precision instrument parts. It has the advantages of high precision, low energy consumption, flexible production and high efficiency. Reduce the size of the entire manufacturing system and precision parts, both to save energy and manufacturing space and resources, in line with energy-saving, environmentally friendly production model. It is one of the development directions of green manufacturing.


With the development of aerospace, defense industry, microelectronics industry, modern medicine and bio-engineering technology. The demand for precision / ultra-precision mechanical parts (feature size in the micron level to millimeter level) is increasingly urgent. The specificity of its structure shape, diversification of the part material, size and surface quality of high precision has become a significant feature of high-precision mechanical parts and their micro devices and equipment, in the use of function, material properties, structural shape, reliability and other aspects of the requirements are increasingly high.

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At present, the main manufacturers of precision machinery exist in developed countries in the West and certain developing countries and regions with high levels of economic development (such as Singapore, etc.). Customer base also exists mainly in these areas.

High-precision parts are used in various industries for testing equipment-scientific instruments, and in domestic terms are mainly used in scientific instruments in the instrument and meter industry.


Precision machinery manufacturing and ordinary machinery manufacturing compared to the product technology content (design and production), sophisticated processing equipment, high value-added, sales are mostly small batch differentiation characteristics.