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Processing procedures and steps of precision parts

August 19, 2022

The division of the machining process of precision parts is carried out with reference to the machined parts and the designed machining process. In the processing of precision parts on CNC machine tools, the processes can be relatively concentrated, and most or all of the processes can be completed in one clamping. First, according to the part drawing, consider whether the processed part can complete the processing of the whole part on one CNC machine tool. If not, decide which part is processed on the CNC machine tool and which part is processed on other machine tools, that is, divide the processing procedures of the parts. The division of processes and steps shall be comprehensively considered according to the structural characteristics and technical requirements of specific parts.

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General process division method:
Division of work steps the division of work steps is mainly considered from two aspects of machining accuracy and efficiency. In a precision part processing process, it is often necessary to use different tools and cutting parameters to process different surfaces. In order to facilitate the analysis and description of more complex processes, the process is subdivided into work steps.
Principle of work step division:

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1. Rough machining, semi finish machining and finish machining shall be performed on the same surface in sequence, or all machined surfaces shall be processed separately according to rough machining and finish machining.
2. For parts with both milling surface and boring hole, milling surface and boring hole can be conducted first. The accuracy of the hole can be improved by dividing the work steps according to this method. Because the cutting force is large during milling, the workpiece is prone to deformation. Milling the surface first and then boring the hole, so that it can recover for a period of time to reduce the impact on the accuracy of the hole caused by deformation.

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3. Divide work steps according to tools. The turning time of the worktable of the precision parts processing machine tool is shorter than the tool changing time. The work steps can be divided according to the tool to reduce the number of tool changing and improve the processing efficiency.